Nextmile and Mehiläinen join forces to tackle end-of-career management challenges

November 8 2023

Nextmile and Mehiläinen have initiated a comprehensive collaboration aimed at supporting organizations in managing the final years of employees approaching retirement. Early retirement has been identified as a specific challenge in organizations, particularly in the realm of management. In response to this challenge, Nextmile and Mehiläinen are introducing a joint service concept, providing concrete tools to address end-of-career management issues. Investing in experienced employees offers employers effective alternatives to mitigate workforce shortages and skill gaps, promoting healthy prolongation of careers.

Nextmile and Mehiläinen Work Life Services have entered into a partnership agreement to release a joint service concept, facilitating end-of-career management (Senior Employee Management Model.) Mehiläinen will incorporate the Nextmile service into the work life services offered to occupational health clients.

Finnish start-up Nextmile has developed a collaborative platform service for senior employees and their managers to clarify the final years of their careers. The service, aimed at employers, focuses on extending careers and resolving challenges related to retirement, benefiting both employers and employees. With the Nextmile service, seasoned professionals in the final phase of their careers can prepare for a new life stage with timely support from effective end-of-career management.

Nextmile serves employees with engaging online content, facilitated peer discussions, and expert knowledge sessions. For employers, the service provides a clear process for managing the final years of careers, generating up-to-date data on the needs, concerns, and plans of experienced employees. Additionally, it offers practical tools for supervisors.


Investing in Aging Employees

Managing the final phase of careers has been identified as a challenge for organizations. According to the ”Why We Leave” study conducted by the Lähtijät podcast, poor leadership skills among supervisors are the most common reason for departures across all age groups. The study found that the importance of leadership as a reason for departures increases with age. Premature retirement also incurs significant societal costs, prompting responses from government programs and policies.

Retirement is the most significant change in a person’s work life, yet surprisingly only few prepare for it. Leading the process preparing to retirement is challenging for workplaces. Early retirements costs for companies and society. At the same time, experienced professionals can be a solution to skill shortages: a well-managed retirement process can turn into a competitive advantage for a company. This is the groundbreaking work we are embarking on together with Mehiläinen,” says Antti Harjuoja, Founder, and CEO of Nextmile.


For Mehiläinen, the collaboration with Nextmile provides an opportunity not only to impact the well-being of employees in the final phase of their careers but also to enhance the measurement and monitoring of the effectiveness of retirement-related work life services. As an occupational health provider, Mehiläinen aims to invest in proactive services and find ways to support the continuation of the careers of aging employees by promoting their well-being. According to a recent work life study by Mehiläinen, 43% of Finns want to exit the workforce approximately 6 years before the official retirement age, posing a societal challenge as companies and organizations grapple with labor shortages.

Our work life study confirmed our view that factors influencing career prolongation must be addressed early on. According to supervisors who participated in the study, investing in employees is worthwhile only up to an average age of 54. Yet, companies face challenges in workforce availability. The value of an employee approaching retirement, especially as a repository of tacit knowledge, was recognized and acknowledged. It is clear that organizations and supervisors need more support in managing the final stages of careers and work capacity,” says Andréa Alvarez-Tarjasalo, Director of Customer Relations and B2B Marketing at Mehiläinen Work Life Services.


For More Information:

Antti Harjuoja
CEO & Founder, Nextmile
Phone: +358 50 571 4011

Andréa Alvarez-Tarjasalo
Director, Customer Relations and B2B Marketing, Mehiläinen Work Life Services
Phone: +358 50 310 3023


About Nextmile: Established in 2021, Nextmile is a Finnish start up that develops a collaborative platform service, providing clarity and systematization for the final phase of careers, enabling experienced employees to maintain their well-being and motivation until and beyond retirement age. The service aims to help experienced professionals, employers, and society harness the opportunities brought by retirement.

About Mehiläinen Group: Mehiläinen is a renowned and respected private provider of social and healthcare services, offering comprehensive, high-quality services in Finland and internationally. With 113 years of experience, Mehiläinen is a rapidly growing and pioneering leader in its field. The company invests in digitalization and focuses on the possibilities of impact and quality of care across all its business areas. Mehiläinen serves 2.1 million customers annually and has more than 33,000 employees and practitioners in its 820 facilities. Internationally, Mehiläinen provides healthcare services in Sweden, Germany, and Estonia, as well as digital healthcare software solutions through its subsidiary, BeeHealthy.