Aging Workforce – Creating Culture of Mentors and Advisors

Within the next ten years 65 million people will retire in Europe. The crucial time period is a challenge but also a great opportunity for societies and companies.

Nextmile™ aims to bring a solution for the societal challenge by concentrating on individual employees and their needs.

Nextmile™ provides a method and process by which

  • Companies develop their age management
  • People retiring gain sufficient control of their life in a turning point
  • Careers are lengthened and people’s health improved

Nextmile™ process includes

Personal coaching-sessions in which an employee is guided to identify and adhere to his/her personal values and dreams.

Profile of the employee and his/her long-term plans.

Meaningful interaction between the employee and the employer.

Intellectual capital management plan

Specialist services for individual needs (e.g. concerning health, business, legal issues, living)

Optional “Tool box”- training for managers.


Antti is in charge of our service development. Contact him if you have any questions about the service or collaboration opportunities.

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